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Production Inspection

Modules & Software



The 'gold standard' tool for photovoltaics research labs

We have built a completely new and updated advanced laboratory tool for silicon bricks, ingots, wafers, cells and minimodules. It is the result of many years of development and continuous improvements, and is now being used by world leading researchers in institutions and wafer, cell and module manufacturers. Key applications include process improvement, R&D, process debug and root cause analysis, QA & QC. The LIS-R3 offers BT Imaging’s proprietary photoluminescence technology together with series resistance imaging, electroluminescence imaging, Suns-Voc, dark and light IV measurements, advanced cell analysis, cell front and bulk separation estimation, QSS-PC injection level dependent lifetime, calibrated lifetime imaging, market-leading defect analysis on raw wafers, etc.


The all-purpose R&D tool for photovoltaics laboratory and QC applications

The LIS-R2-Plus benefits from substantial development work at BT Imaging leading to cost reductions on the LIS-R2 lab tool platform. We at BT Imaging are passing on these cost reductions to customers via the new LIS-R2-Plus platform. This new LIS-R2-Plus is the leading comprehensive luminescence laboratory inspection tool for silicon bricks, wafers and cells It is also ideally suited to be used at cell manufacturing lines for sampling, enabling fast ‘next-to-line’ process feedback and debugging. Backed by BT Imaging’s substantial patent portfolio.

LIS-R Series Software Upgrade Packages

Add new capability to your BT Imaging lab tool

A new range of advanced wafer and cell analysis packages available as options on the new LIS-R3 and as software upgrades to your existing BT Imaging LIS-R1, LISR2 laboratory tools. These include (1) Cell IV package, (2) Advanced Cell Analysis package, (3) Cell Front and Bulk Separation Estimation package, (4) Multi-crystalline As-cut Wafer Analysis package, (5)Mono-crystalline As-cut Wafer Analysis package, and (6) Thick Mono Slug Analysis package.

LIS-R Series Cell Stage Upgrade 

Support for 5BB and 6BB cell designs

This is our new Cell Stage for the LIS-R series tools which includes 5 or 6 Probe Rails as installed and is suitable for Solar Cells with 3,4,5 or 6 busbars. One or more Probe Rails can be removed if required to allow for measurement of 3 or 4 busbar cells.This new upgraded cell stage allows for improved quality of Rs and EL and the enablement of the new Advanced Cell Software Analysis Package.

Qa and QC Systems

Offline Development Tools

Designed for offline process and product development purposes as well as for highfrequency quality control, the Qa and QC systems can be fitted with the iLS-W3 and iLSC3 inspection modules. These tools can be specified as standalone tools with various load and unload options, or they can also be integrated with existing factory automation. In addition, these systems can be configured with many of BT Imaging's advanced software packages, for inline use or for post-production offline data processing.


Wafer Inspection for Production

Completely re-designed and reengineered with new hardware and software, this is the ultimate electrical quality inspection unit for wafer inspection systems (WIS) for wafer and cell production lines. Incorporating BT Imaging's proprietary PL Imaging technology, the module is rated up to 8,000 wph. This is the only inline PL imaging unit for raw silicon wafers that is backed by BT imaging’s extensive patent portfolio and market leading inspection algorithms. Typical use cases include wafer rejection, wafer quality sorting by predicted cell efficiency, wafer and cell R&D, and line process improvement.


Detection of solar cell defects in production

Our brand new non-stop scanning PL imaging inspection module for solar cells in production. A faster and non-contact replacement for EL Imaging.Finds all solar cells defects with automated image processing algorithms that can sort and reject cells in real time during production. Configured for easy integration with most cell test and sort machines.


Lab or production line random inspection tool for silicon ingot and brick

Designed in consultation with leading manufacturers of silicon bricks and ingots, BT Imaging's new silicon brick and ingot inspection tool reports bulk lifetime and enables the production of silicon wafers that are ideal for high efficiency solar cells. This tool is for quality control and process development in silicon ingot and brick production facilities. Bricks and ingots are loaded manually or robotically. For more details please contact BT Imaging.

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