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Industry leading machine vision for advanced defect detection of photovoltaic wafers and cells. Including back-contact, tandem, and 0 to 24 bus-bars configurations.

Advanced multicrystalline wafer sorting inspection and reporting.

Inline machine vision for quality and reliability optimisation for cell and module manufacturing lines.


BT Imaging designs and builds manufacturing tools used by the manufacturers of photovoltaic bricks, wafers and cells. We are focused on 'inspection' manufacturing systems and solutions that are used for quality control, yield enhancement and process control in our customer's factories.


Our suite of inspection systems combines state-of-the-art hardware and software. We offer a number of product solutions, many using our patented photoluminescence imaging technology. Our products help our customers increase factory yield and solar cell efficiencies.


Applications are at the heart of what we do. This is where our products, technology, and photovoltaic expertise combine to help us solve our customer's problems. We are open to working with our customers to develop specific new technology applications.

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