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Solar Cell Factory Optimizer

BT Imaging has released the first iteration of its break-through cloud-based solar cell factory simulator. We are currently signing up users at the solar cell factory optimizer at the link below.


The virtual online optimizer is targeted at training, reporting, marketing and cell line optimization  purposes. In subsequent upgrades we will continue to add more features and further advance the simulation & optimization of the virtual solar cell production lines.


The optimizer allows users to vary a range of operating conditions for cell line production tools. BT Imaging’s Photoluminescence Inspection equipment can be integrated into various stages of solar cell production..


With the PL Imaging inspection equipment integrated into the optimizer, the benefits of this equipment will become apparent because of the ability to make critical in-line decisions on sorting production materials such rejection of as low-specification wafers or the sorting of high quality wafers for PERC production.


BT Imaging has developed the solar cell factory optimizer in partnership with the PV Lighthouse and it is hosted at the PV Factory. The optimizer is free to use and includes a leader-board to see which user can generate the cell line with the highest yield and overall efficiency.


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