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​Published in Photovoltaics International; an detailed analysis of the impact of bulk lifetime on high efficiency cell performance

Metrology at the Ingot Level; Addressing the Growing Importance of Bulk Material Quality

August 2016

BT Imaging and UNSW discuss the how's and why's of measuring bulk lifetime on ingots and bricks.

The Eyes Have It

Sept 2016

Visual inspection tooling: Automated optical imaging is becoming a more common feature in PV cell production today. From the color sorting, right through to detailed process control, a range of optical imaging approaches and technologies are shedding the light required to deliver quality, increase average e!ciencies, and enhance yield.

BTi Releases Software Upgrades to Enhance the Performance of its LIS-R1 and LIS-R2 off-line Tools

June 26 2014

See article for technical details. Please contact us directly for more details and quotes for software upgrades to your LIS-R1 and LIS-R2 tools.

Enlightening: Market Survey on luminescence imaging systems

January 2013

BT Imaging features in Photon Magazine's annual survey of luminesence inspection equipment in photovoltaic manufacturig.

Efficiency-Limiting Defects and Material Quality Control

February 15, 2012

Incoming quality control is essential for mono-crystalline silicon cell production. A study performed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems and published in Photovoltaics International.

The Picture of Quality

January 15, 2012

The annual survey on luminescence imaging reveals that BT Imaging has the edge on the competition, as published in Photon Magazine.

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新闻 & 新闻发布

该奖项肯定了 BT Imaging 对世界 光伏行业的贡献:几乎每一块高 质量太阳能电池板的生产都用到 了 BT Imaging 的检测设备。


New LIS-R3 at UNSW

May 2017

UNSW have purchased and installed a new LIS-R3 at their Solar Industrial Research Facility (SIRF), which is a showcase facility for solar cell research and development, and a key educational asset for training the future leaders of the photovoltaics industry.

PV Magazine Tech Highlights Awards 2016

May 2016

Read the details BT Imaging's PV Magazine's 2016 Technology Highlights award.

BT Imaging's LIS-R3 Runner-Up in PV Magazine's 2016 Technology Highlights award winners

May 2016

PV Magazine - 50 Shades of Future PV

April 2015

Featuring details of BT Imaging's new cloud-based Solar Cell Factory Simulator. 

BT Imaging Granted Another Chinese Patent

June 26 2014

BT Imaging has had another of its key patents for wafer sorting with Photoluminescence Imaging allowed in China (Patent number ZL 201080033122.0). This brings the total of granted or allowed patents in China to 7 (SEVEN). Another three core patents are hoped to be allowed by the end of 2014.

BT Imaging将参加第13届(2019)SNEC国际太阳能光伏与智慧能源展览会,并介绍全新M1光伏组件检测设备

10 May, 2019

BT Imaging releases two new products

June 26, 2013

BT Imaging today announced the release of two new products - the LIS-B1 block measurement tool and the iLS-L2 wafer/cell inspection module for cell lines

BT Imaging introduces upgraded wafer sorting capabilities to its range of photoluminescence imaging-based wafer inspection sorters

June 21, 2013

New Suite of Production Tools

May 10, 2012

With this suite of tools wafer & cell makers can inspect every wafer in production and measure electrical performance before processing into cells.

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